Metalgoddess Radio
From Kiss to Slayer, I play it all!
8/15/03: Created station site and playlists
8/19/03: Put some graphics on playlist pages. Created buys, spins and tens pages
8/24/03: Updated spins page & added concerts page
9/16/03: Updated spins, buys and Friday playlist
9/23/03: Updated Thursday playlist
10/20/03: Updated Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday playlists
11/16/03: Updated spins and buys plus Friday playlist
12/22/03: Updated Friday, Saturday & Sunday playlists, plus spins and buys
1/16/04: Changed around playlists- Monday is now 80s, Saturday is now Millenium (new!) and the three 12s were bumped over a day. Added songs to Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday playlists
2/2/04: Updated spins and buys
2/9/04: Updated Power Tracks playlist (Friday)
2/10/04: Updated Buys page
3/9/04: Added a bunch of new music to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday playlists, updated buys and spins
3/23/04: Updated Friday playlist
3/29/04: Updated Monday, Saturday & Sunday playlists
4/24/04: Updated all playlists, buys and spins
5/16/04: Updated Friday playlist
5/20/04: Updated spins & buys
5/23/04: Updated, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday playlists, added "new additions" page, added station of the week area on front page
6/13/04:  Updated spins page
6/19/04: Added "Now Playing" and changed all links to open in current browser page instead of opening new one.
7/3/04: Under construction again! Made the station switch to 64k mp3PRO so all playlists are no longer playing for the time being.
7/30/04: Updated playlists and buys plus minor tweaks here and there
9/22/04: Updated buys and spins
11/15/04: Added "under construction" to playlists while I try to find an easy way to generate the constantly evolving playlists automatically. Updated buys & spins.
11/18/04: Added Concert Reviews page (only one review posted so far).
11/21/04: Added updated master playlist
1/5/05: Updated buys, spins and concert reviews
1/9/05: Updated master playlist
2/6/05: Updated master playlist, buys and spins
2/26/05: Updated master playlist
4/1/05: Updated spins and buys
4/2/05: Updated master playlist
5/1/05: Updated, buys, master playlist and concert reviews
5/28/05: Updated buys and master playlist
7/24/05: Updated buys, spins, concert reviews and master playlist
8/3/05: Posted Gigantour review
10/18/05: Found a bunch of old ticket stubs, so I added to the list of concerts on the review page. No new reviews yet.
11/8/05: Updated master playlist, buys & spins
3/11/06: Updated concert reviews
3/14/06: Updated master playlist
4/23/06: Updated concert reviews
5/29/06: Updated master playlist, spins and buys and changed name to Metalgoddess Radio due to a terrestrial station using KALZ call letters in California
7/2/06: Updated master playlist
7/8/06: Updated Concert Reviews
12/12/06: Updated master playlist & concert reviews
4/5/07: Updated master playlist & main page
4/30/07: Updated master playlist
5/10/07: Updated master playlist
7/2/07: Updated master playlist
8/19/07: Updated master playlist
1/5/2008: Updated master playlist
7/9/2008: Updated master playlist
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New tunes just added from Dark Tranquillity, Firewind, Megadeth, Primal Fear, Testament, Cavalera Conspiracy, Warbringer and more. Please check the master playlist for complete listing.